Downer Downer Downer

by Hospital Job

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released July 11, 2012



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Hospital Job Springfield, Illinois


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Track Name: Search Party
Everyone is leaving town
All my friends are gone
They’re gone, so I’m gone
Track Name: City, Water, Light & Power
The lake all around you it never freezes over
while the rest of the world is an ice-skating rink
It’s nice that you’re trying to keep it warm in winter
and it lets me know there’s a place to sink
The radio towers and grain-elevator skyline
makes sure that I know that I’m out here alone
But I see the smokestacks that keep this town choking
and now I’m sure that I know my way home

For better or for worse
Now I know where I’m going
Track Name: Bathroom Stall
I can see right through your words
to the empty streets we grew up in
My hands holding back your hair
in the bathroom stall you threw up in
You’d be fine with never having another night like this
I look back with a smile when I see you look back with regret

You talk like you wanna hear all about it
but you don’t wanna know
And you walk like you wanna be where it happened
but you don’t wanna go
Track Name: Hemingway
The villain’s screaming last call and the heroes are matadors
In the innocent fiesta before the Spanish Civil War
Everyone looked up to ones that lived life all the way
While laughing through poor fistfights in Parisian cafes
No one can pass judgment when everyone’s the same
Down to the fucking filter and out of the fucking frame

I’m living like Hemingway without the money or the prose
I guess the only thing we got in common
is the drink and a broken nose
and we sometimes see beauty in a world fucked completely
It’s a crime to keep that beauty to yourself

Don’t ever use six words when only three will do
and don’t put pen to paper if you’re not wrung out through and through
Everyone looks up to ones who live life all the way
laughing off bad decisions just to make it through the day

Don’t keep it to yourself
Track Name: What I Don't Like About You
Do you know what I like about you?
Fill me in, because I don’t have a clue
Scratching head and picking brain
The quickest route to get away

Do you what I like about you?
Not a fucking thing, not a goddamn thing

A coddled youth, the softest hands
A portfolio filled with backup plans
Your holidays last weeks and weeks
And you know the world will never be the meek’s
Picking brain and scratching head
The quickest way to get you dead
No need to fear, it’s just a dream
so I briefly feel we’re on the same team
Track Name: Free Onions
You need the clouds in the sky
to make the blues that much brighter
to know which way the wind blows
you need those clouds in the sky
you need those tears in your eyes
to keep from going bloodshot
to keep from going blind
you need those tears in your eyes

And I know it’s not what you wanna hear
I didn’t wanna hear it myself

As you curse the world and what it brings
we’re all dealing with the very same things
With the shortest stacks and longest odds
we’re all looking to the very same gods
we’re all praying to the very same gods
we’re all kneeling to the very same gods

We’re looking at ourselves
Track Name: The Trap
Don’t leave me stuck in the trap alone
You’re moving out, you’re making a home
Direct deposit and pension funds
How many times have I called in this month?
Don’t think we’ll ever have any more fun
At least not the fun I’m thinking of
I can’t promise that we won’t forget
It hasn’t even been stepped on yet
And neither have you, but you’re about to

Stuck in the trap, who could wish for anything more
why you wanna fuck it up for?
Leave your ambitions at the door,
at least for tonight

Don’t think we’ll ever get in anymore trouble
Blow it all, sort through the rubble
I can’t promise that we won’t regret
it hasn’t even been cut down yet
and neither have you, but you’re about to

Don’t leave me stuck in the trap alone
Track Name: Sleep You Need
You can almost hear me counting down the days
until you’re finally through with this Sunday morning phase
and you’re on your way to getting the sleep you need

It’s gonna seem as silly to you as the jeans you’re squeezing into
Track Name: Off The Map
“I don’t know where we are
I don’t know how to get back
I don’t where to go
I can’t find this place on any map”
You said, in the middle of the night

Goddamnit I hope you’re right
Track Name: Get Lost
It’s not as easy as ripping up a map
or forgetting directions, or missing intersections
We know the route by heart, we can get there with our eyes closed
that’s how I usually show up
but I never wanna go again

We’ve all been down there, to where we never wanna go again

Now it’s all over and the ending fucking sucked
You’ve done nothing but tread water for a couple years
“What do I do now?” You do like the rest of us
Find a new way to get lost, dry up the useless tears
Track Name: Current Event
You’re underwater but you’re not drowning
The river’s flooding the whole city around you
It could be better, you know it could be worse
You’ve learned to live with this midwestern curse
And all your friends don’t really know you
or all the fucked up scary thoughts that keep you going
and they don’t know that your home life’s a joke
Does everybody have their neck in a yoke?

Yes, the answer’s yes, but we can fool each other sometimes
we can help each other sometimes

Stop choking on second guesses
Stop cleaning up everybody’s messes
Stop drowning in holy water
Get carried away with us on the Sangamon River