The Believer

by Hospital Job

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released August 15, 2014

Luke McNeill - Vocals & Guitar
Tim Reynolds - Vocals & Guitar
Cory Vanmeter - Bass
Fred Malcom - Drums

All songs written by Luke McNeill
Produced and Mastered by Luke McNeill at Capitol City Studio
Artwork and Layout by Tim Reynolds
Additional vocals by Brandon Carnes

Thanks: Christina Holbrook, Chris Thacker and Insubordination,
Adam Alive, Copyrights, Fraser McMurderburger, Daren and
the Haddonfields, Night Hawk and Dudes, The Nephrons, Lipstick
Homicide, Horrible Things, Skip Davis, Kevin and Black Sheep,
Aaron Knuckey, Vito and MP shows



all rights reserved


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Hospital Job Springfield, Illinois

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Track Name: Tell Me Four Things About Yourself
Tell me four things about yourself, three of them true
I know it sounds a little strange, just a thing we do
I’ve got these foolproof ways but I can’t show you
So tell me four things about yourself, three of them true
Tell me something about yourself that no one knows
Now that I’ve gained your trust just join the rows
I’ve got unearthly gifts, but I can’t show you
Tell me four things about yourself, three of them true

I can see through you

Why would you lie to me?
Track Name: Confessions Of A Former Waxdoll
I gotta choose my words carefully
They’re picked over with a fine tooth comb
I’m not talking universally,
the fierce analysis is right at home
So I look at how the words come together,
how they sound coming outta my mouth
Thank god I got nothing to hide,
at least nothing worth singing about

And I remember your words while cleaning up your mess
You said “never give up, only cowards confess”
And it’s been thirty-three years since my last confession

So I sing and I yell because I know I’m not going to hell
At least not today
Track Name: Times Square
How did I end up here
How did I end up here
Stuck in Times Square screaming the end is near
How did I end up here
How did I end up here
At a podium singing the end is near

Who would ever wanna live like that
Funny haircuts and tin foil hats
Displaced, betrayed and disowned
You'll go through a lot to be less alone
you'll tell yourself a lot to feel less alone
Track Name: The Scrivener
You know I still can’t follow
A word you say
They just ring hollow
And I look away
But goddamn if you don’t
Keep me sitting there
Goddamn if you don’t know
Just what it takes to keep me here

So I write it down
Track Name: The Believer
I believe in you
How come I’m the only one?
I just can’t let it go
Track Name: Confusing Times
Everybody’s your brother til the rent comes due
Then you’re all alone
You’re all alone
Everyone’s your father when there’s something you should do
They don’t know best
And I don’t know best

We live in confusing times
That nobody’s gonna figure out for us
Just like every poor soul before us
As we get wiser the answers cancel out

We all got our tassels
and threw our hats in the air
Now no one cares
No one cares
We all blew out candles,
And got the first piece of cake
But it tastes like shit
Yeah it tastes like shit

We live in confusing times
That Nobody’s gonna figure out for us
Just like every poor soul before us
As we get wiser the answers cancel out
But then there’s no more questions, no more tests
And we will bask in philistine glory like the rest
Track Name: Nail Houses
Let the rivers flow, let the pavement dry
You keep on digging and the neighbors die
We’re gonna climb up we’re gonna scale the walls
Unlock the doors and run through the halls
There’s a highway running by the porch
While the traffic screams we bear the torch
And yeah I know it fucks us the same
But I can’t make it that easy, no way

And you know you picked the wrong fight this time
We’re never gonna leave
We’re never gonna go away
The only things I’ve got are spite and time
You’re never gonna win, even if I’m digging my own grave

And we wait while the world grinds our house into dust
The rains come, so we rot and we rust
At some point you’ll finally step on us
But your jaw locks up
Track Name: Born In A Bow Tie
Born in a bow tie
And not In a bad way
Never met a stranger
Not even on D-day
Got a certain charisma
You either have it or you don't
I've been practicing the real thing
But I'm spitting out methadone
And it doesn't feel good
It's just makin' me sick
And everybody knows
Don't they?
Track Name: The Walls Have Eyes
Sweeping up the back room
It’s my last night for sure
My ringing ears say
They’ve heard that one before
Ten years since high school
Still planning the same escape
But I could make coffee nervous
When I think about that day
I finally leave
These new people, they stare at me
A lot like the old ones
They won’t let me breathe
Completely unaware of their silent siege

The walls have eyes, and they’re watching me
And they’re watching you
Track Name: Redemption Town
Hands wringing, or hands praying?
Are you leaving or are you staying?
Eyes staring or are they crying?
And I’m caring or at least trying

Is this your idea of a good time?

So it’s back to the basics
Where we all can embrace it
Til there’s nothing left to break down
If you study the maps now
You’ll see we’re just doing laps now
I’ll meet you back in redemption town
Track Name: Meetings
I’ll go to meetings, I’ll pay the dues
It sounds great when there’s nothing left to lose
I’ll go to meetings, I’ll pay the dues
I don’t care, I just wanna belong

We all want a world without borders
We’re gonna start by following orders
The endgame’s on a bunkhouse floor
From soldiers in a made up war
Looking in everything’s up and up
All community and loving cups
So subtle, but something’s wrong
I don’t care, I just wanna belong